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Latest version: AI CC 2024


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eCut plugins was updated and become more powerful, faster and more convenient to use. Demo versions will help you to try all features before to purchase.

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Latest version has Adobe Illustrator CC 2024 support

What is eCut for AI?

This remarkable plugins for Adobe Illustrator allows many advanced utilities for computer designers who work with Vinyl, CNC machines, or laser cutters.

eCut has many different functions which include invaluable aids with the design of outdoor signs, light boxes.

Performance of some of the most used functions has been enhanced.

eCut for Adobe Illustrator : Nesting pack.

Nesting pack contains most powerful nesting functions that allows you to allocate complex objects on sheet with minimum waste.

Function list:

  • Nesting - One of the main functions of ecut. It alows you nest objects in few seconds for CNC or plotter cutter..
  • Rectangle nesting - Nesting feature, that works with rectangles.
  • Multiply - Use this feature to make copies of selected objects. Also you can fill specified area with selected object..

eCut for Adobe Illustrator : rStones.

rStones pack contains only one feature for working with rhinestones.

Function list:

  • rStones - Great function for creating rhinestones artworks and stencils for apparel.
    It was made especially for designers who make rhinestone artworks for:
    • T-shirts
    • apparel
    • cell phone covers
    • patterns
    • and many other gifts...

eCut for Adobe Illustrator : Starter pack.

Strater pack contains fucntions, that can be used in different fields of activity.

Function list:

  • Perimeter - Easy to use function for calculating perimeter of selected objects.
  • Area - Area calculator, allows to process curves with and without overlaps.
  • Cost - Cost calculator, for quick calculating sheet and service costs.
  • Volume calculator - Simple function to calculate volume and mass of item shape made from sheet materials
  • Align - This function has many features of aligning and distributing objects.
  • Set size - This function set size of all selected objects as user specified in parameters - maximum or minimum.
  • Replace - Function for swap all selected shapes with Master-Shape.
  • Create lines - Quick and simple method to create straight lines.
  • Create grid - Quick method to create simple grid. All you need is specify cell width, height, row and column count.
  • Create boundbox - This function to creates bound box for each selected shapes with specified gap.
  • Create cropmarks - Very useful function, that creates simple cropmarks for print output. Useful for print and cut jobs.

eCut for Adobe Illustrator : CNC pack.

CNC pack contains many useful functions for making CNC files.

Function list:

  • Crete signbox - Use this function to quickly create boxes from composite material. Best choice for light box and facade.
  • Smart divide - Best choice if you want to break word to letters or break complex curve to simple shapes. Very useful when processing files for CNC machines or cutters.
  • Create edge roll - This function creates edge roll. Also marks control points, right and left turns.
  • Fillet curve - Great function for CNC machine users - it allow you to round corners according to selected method.
  • Create center line - Create center line of object using build in eCut magnificent algorithm.
  • Export to DXF - DXF export function for exporting shapes to ACAD format using ARCS and POLYLINES.
  • Hotwire cutting - Function for preparing path for hotwire cutting machines.
  • Route optimizer - Little function for tool path optimization. Used "greedy" algorithm - not best, but using built-in tools can help you to find many ways of application.
  • Finger joint box - Little function for creating simple box for laser cutting.
  • Finger joint shape - Function to create face and edge for laser machines to cut plywood.
  • Scripts - Function for creating shapes with parameters.

eCut for Adobe Illustrator : Plotter pack.

Plotter pack contains functions for working with plotter/cutter.

Function list:

  • Cut/Plot - Perfect tool for plotter output. It can print files on system driver and on COM port (using eCom). Many built-in algorithms makes plotted curves looks perfect and weeding process be faster. Supports offeset emulation.
  • Time calculator - Unique function! It calculates time that plotter will spend to plot selected shapes. Best choice to optimize your work time.
  • Weeding lines - Very powerful function to create weeding lines. It has few methods and helps designer save a lot of time.

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