eCut for Adobe Illustrator CC - Help. Plugin activation

Latest version: AI CC 2024


Plugin activation

See this page and find out how to activate plugin.

To activate eCut for Adobe Ilustrator you need few minutes and Internet access. Use automatic activation, but if will be any problem - use manual mode...

Automatic activation

Open eCut ABOUT window for your pack

Press "Activate online" button

Enter your registration code (Activation key) that you've received from your reseller

Press "OK" button and if your firewall will not block eCut - it will activate itself automatically (you'll see message)!

But if activation will not succeed - do not worry - activate eCut manually as shown below.

Manual activation

First of all, you have to get your System ID.

Open eCut ABOUT window for your pack

Here you can see your System ID.

Copy System ID to clipboard, or press "Copy to clipboard" button and close this window.

Now you have to go on eCut activation page -

Enter your Activation key, that you've received from your reseller

Enter your System ID (you copied it to clipboard on 2nd step)

Now you can see your Unlock code - copy it to clipboard and go back to Adobe Illustrator.

Open eCut for Adobe Illustrator "About" window (window, where you got System ID). Press "Enter Unlock code" button and paste here your unlock code from site.

Press "OK" and you'll receive message, that eCut is activated!

Good luck!

PS: and remember, if there will be any problems with activating eCut - contact to your reseller, he'll help you to solve all problems!

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