eCut Adobe Illustrator plugins: nesting, plotting, cnc - Function > Export to DXF

eCut for Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 may work not on all PC.

For now, unfortunately, latest version of AI CC 2019 is not supported on 100%. Because it does not support connection from external plugins. Many plugins face with this problems. Waiting Adobe to fix this. And now you can try early beta version to try if eCut will work on your PC.

Function > Export to DXF

DXF export

Note: to get correct result you have to convert all objects to curves (create outlines)

Great and very powerful function for exporting shapes to DXF format - it creates very smooth arcs and polylines

New and quite powerful function. Allows you to export the objects using a different set of commands, such as a standard set of DXF (R11, R12) and classic HPGL (adding arcs - AR).

Some words about main parameters:
Commands - set of commands in which to export objects (DXF or HPGL).
Align - allows you to shift the starting point coordinates in the exported file in relation to the lower left corner of the selected objects.
Lines+ARCs / Lines only - use to export shapes with ARCs or only polylines.
ARC fitting tolerance - as is.
LINE fitting tolerance - as is.
Show simulation (Unavailable now) - show result after processing.
Export units - MM and Inches are available.
Using this link you can download example of DXF exporting.