eCut Adobe Illustrator plugins: nesting, plotting, cnc - Function > Export to DXF

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 is SUPPORTED!

Function > Export to DXF

DXF export

Note: to get correct result you have to convert all objects to curves (create outlines)

Great and very powerful function for exporting shapes to DXF format - it creates very smooth arcs and polylines

New and quite powerful function. Allows you to export the objects using a different set of commands, such as a standard set of DXF (R11, R12) and classic HPGL (adding arcs - AR).

Some words about main parameters:
Commands - set of commands in which to export objects (DXF or HPGL).
Align - allows you to shift the starting point coordinates in the exported file in relation to the lower left corner of the selected objects.
Lines+ARCs / Lines only - use to export shapes with ARCs or only polylines.
ARC fitting tolerance - as is.
LINE fitting tolerance - as is.
Show simulation (Unavailable now) - show result after processing.
Export units - MM and Inches are available.
Using this link you can download example of DXF exporting.