eCut Adobe Illustrator plugins: nesting, plotting, cnc - Updates

eCut for Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 may work not on all PC.

For now, unfortunately, latest version of AI CC 2019 is not supported on 100%. Because it does not support connection from external plugins. Many plugins face with this problems. Waiting Adobe to fix this. And now you can try early beta version to try if eCut will work on your PC.


To update eCut you have to download latest version and install it.

New Weeding lines function


New function in PLOTTER PACK - Weeding lines!

Nesting upgrade


Nesting function was upgraded - this is free upgrade, enjoy!

Illustrator CC 2015 (19.0.x.x) support added!


Illustrator CC 2015 (19.0.x.x) support added for all plugins!

rStones for AI


22.01.2015 - Processing time was improved. Now stones creates very fast.

Illustrator CC 2014 (18.0.x.x) support added!


16.07.2014 - Illustrator CC 2014 (18.0.x.x) support added for all plugins!

Supported versions:

Adobe Illustrator version:
Windows 32/64 bit
Mac OS
CS4 and earlier
CS5 (15.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CS5.1 (15.1.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CS6 (16.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CC (17.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CC 2014 (18.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit

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