eCut Adobe Illustrator plugins: nesting, plotting, cnc - Updates

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 is SUPPORTED!


To update eCut you have to download latest version and install it.

New Weeding lines function


New function in PLOTTER PACK - Weeding lines!

Nesting upgrade


Nesting function was upgraded - this is free upgrade, enjoy!

Illustrator CC 2015 (19.0.x.x) support added!


Illustrator CC 2015 (19.0.x.x) support added for all plugins!

rStones for AI


22.01.2015 - Processing time was improved. Now stones creates very fast.

Illustrator CC 2014 (18.0.x.x) support added!


16.07.2014 - Illustrator CC 2014 (18.0.x.x) support added for all plugins!

Supported versions:

Adobe Illustrator version:
Windows 32/64 bit
Mac OS
CS4 and earlier
CS5 (15.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CS5.1 (15.1.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CS6 (16.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CC (17.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit
CC 2014 (18.0.x.x) 32bit/64bit

Creation process


18.10.2013 - Now you can work in scale. Nesting support converting 1:10 scale...
This will solve problem with little drawing area in AI.

11.10.2013 - eCut for Adobe Illustartor 64bit is released.

10.10.2013 - eCut for Adobe Illustartor 64bit is coming!!! Test version is ready - on next week there will be release.

10.10.2013 - Now you'll be able to add your own shape to series in rStones to use it as mask for stones. Welcome fancy stones!!!

09.10.2013 - some little bugs was fixed in rStones...

02.10.2013 - Illustrator 5.1 supported now for all plugins!!!

24.09.2013 - rStones sales start date!!! All installers are ready, demo is available....

Also little bug was fixed - Ai can have curve with only one node - that is not correct (imho). Curve should have 2 at least nodes. But now it is fixed.

23.09.2013 - rStones for Adobe illustrator is ready :) Soon will be DEMO version and link for ordering...

16.09.2013 - First try... Along line placer is ready with inside/outside processor (no sharp angles). Main window is fine - lets continue porting....

12.09.2013 - About month coding and about 4 different algorithms was used (triangulation, pixelization and etc, and only one at the end) to create this great feature! - OFFSET CURVE MAKER - we'll need it in coming plugins ;)... - it was mine dream since 2007 when I tried to realize it.

21.08.2013 - SALE START DATE!!!

08.08.2013 - Fixed error while starting eCut plugin in AI - now everything should be OK. Anyway, if you get error - install two DLLS from requirement list and everything will be fine.

07.08.2013 - Illustrator CC is supported now...

02.08.2013 - Site is almost ready...


31.07.2013 - Continuing worknig with features - Illustrator has very small drawing area (approx 5700*5700mm) - that is sad :( - nesting will have limits...
New DEMO uploaded with little fixes.
Nesting description is ready now :) - check how it will be...
Cut/Plot feature is also reviewed...


25.07.2013 - STARTER Installer ready. Starting filling site...

24.07.2013 - DEMO Version is ready now! Time to start...testing!!!

23.07.2013 - All packs for AI CS6 is READY! and working...
But AI CS6 will not have panel - all features will be available ONLY at main menu.

19.07.2013 - STARTER, NESTING, CNC, PLOTTER Pack's and eCut panel for AI is built.
Time to make installer...

18.07.2013 - Activation process is done! Starting making first builds for CS5.